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[:en]Day Charters to Ranfurly Banks which is known for it’s Extra LARGE FISH!! Get yourself hooked into some Hapuka, Bass and Kingfish. A world known fishery, this experience is one that will have you wanting more!

Duration: 9 Hours (approx.)
From NZD $3,000.00

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Ranfurly Banks Fishing Trips

The Ranfurly Banks off the North Island’s East Cape is now well recognized as an angler’s Mecca for enormous sized fish and is a destination that is popular with anglers from around the world.

Located 25 nautical miles off Hicks Bay off the East Cape of New Zealand It ranges in depths from 1000 metres to a shallow plateau within 20 metres of the surface. Fishing is mainly in depths ranging from 30 to 180 metres. Fish Species that feed around the Ranfurly Banks include: Hapuka, Bass, Kingfish, Trumpeter, Trevally, Blue Nose, Terakihi and other fish species.

For Yellow Tail Kingfish fishing The Ranfurly Banks is world class attracting fishing enthusiasts to the area each year.

The unique terrain of the Ranfurly Banks is a fishing dream with many fishing world records claimed here. The abundance of fish offers some of the best fishing and game fishing experiences with big blue and striped marlin as well as broadbill swordfish and various tuna species in the area.

The peak game fishing season for the East Coast is in the summer months especially December and January. From Waihau Bay through to Tolaga Bay the sea is alive with Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin. Fish from 150 to 400+kg frequent the area. These mighty fish are  regularly seen and caught at Ranfurly Banks with good surface bait.

Fishing the Ranfurly Banks is a must do trip for experienced and beginner fishing enthusiasts.

Club Talk Charters Ranfurly Banks Fishing Day Trips

Club Talk Charters’ Ranfurly Banks Fishing Trip leaves from Waihau Bay in the Bay Of Plenty.

Enjoy a 9 hour day on the water fishing at the Ranfurly Banks. All fishing gear is provided, you just bring your lunch and drinks. The Club Talk Charters Ranfurly Banks Fishing Charter is for up to 5 Anglers, please make up your own group.

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