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Game Fishing in the Bay Of Plenty

There are plenty of game fishing opportunities around the Bay Of Plenty, with striped, blue or black marlin and yellowfin tuna up for grabs, it’s no wonder fishermen come from near and far to experience Game Fishing here.

Or try something completely different, the “Gladiator of the sea”- Broadbill. Try your luck drifting for these beasts, they will give you one tough fight but an experience you will never forget. A beautiful fish to eat steaked up or smoked.

Book your game fishing experience with Club Talk Charters. We will take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Game Fishing Day Trips with Club Talk Charters

The team onboard Club Talk Charters have years of experience game fishing in and around the Bay Of Plenty targeting striped, blue or black marlin from December to April, as well as yellowfin tuna. Our charter boat leaves from Waihau Bay or Whakatane, taking you on a game fishing day charter to remember. We have 6 Shimano 80w reel and rods and enough lures to sink the boat…we run 2 outriggers and 2 stinger poles along with a teaser!

Day time Broadbill drifting is also around White Island dropping baits down to 400+ meters in and around trenches, gullies and banks. The best time to go Broadbill drifting is March to July.

Book your Game Fishing experience with Club Talk Charters

Marlin caught Game Fishing with Club Talk Charters

Game Fishing (Waihau Bay or Whakatane)

Try your luck game fishing for Striped, Blue or Black Marlin, this is a seasonal option December – April.

Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)
From NZD $2,000.00[:]