About the boat ‘Chasing Tail’

Built to last. Built for action and built for safety.

‘Chasing Tail’ is the newest addition to our fleet, This vessel is a 12m Bladerunner Cat is constructed of Aluminium and Foil assisted.

Bladerunner boats have been designed for comfort and the ride is described as nothing but exceptional.

A top speed of 38 knots, ideal for day trips, she is powered by twin 330hp Volvo inboards, that give this vessel power to burn.

Smoothly lifting through the water, the 90 degrees hulls slices the thinnest line, once it hits over 15 knots the vessel lifts up and flys through the sea on her foil, making the journey out to the fishing grounds a comfortable, dry ride.

For those that suffer from sickness, this design is STABLE! With no slamming, banging, rocking or rolling – these boats lift and slice through the top of the waves. Even on the tightest turns at speed the boat leans in just a fraction but stays a smooth journey throughout.

Roomier than ever with a 4m beam, this vessel offers a large open deck for anglers along with some of the luxury’s one would want whislt out on the water. An enclosed flush toilet, hot water, fridge/freezer, gas hob, and kettle are just some of the facilities offered that makes this boat another
enjoyable day boat.

At Club Talk Charters your safety is our priority. Recently put back into survey for the Inshore Limits to cater for up to 16 passengers, all the safety equipment is onboard and is kept up to date with regular maintenance checks, audits conducted by Maritime New Zealand and checked regularly by a registered Suveryor.

We welcome you onboard Chasing Tail, and trust this fishing experience is one you will never forget!